Wellness Plan

Do you feel on edge? Easily annoyed? Unable to relax? Exhausted?  Most likely your sympathetic nervous system, “Fight or Flight” response, is running your body. Fight or flight is the physiological reaction that occurs in response to heightened stress.

Unfortunately the brain often over interprets stressors and these responses keep us from functioning at our full capacity. As with any habit, repetition helps change behavior and encourages a different mode of operation. Studies show that the more you relax, the more your body can take care of itself.

Plan Price Details
12 Month Plan $57/month Includes a 1 Hour Classic Massage
Essential Oil with all massages
3 Free Extras
-20% off all other services
8 Month Plan $62/month Includes a 1 Hour Classic Massage
Essential Oil with all massages
2 Free Extras
-5% off all Services
4 Month Plan $69/month Includes a 1 Hour Classic
Essential Oil with all massages
1 free Extra


•  I.D will be required at time of purchase.
•  Client will be billed on date of purchase. The monthly charge is good for 1 massage within 30 days of the charge only. Massages do not roll over beyond 30 days and can not be redeemed.
•  The client may give away 2 massages to other people in the 12 Month Program ONLY.•  If the client wishes to terminate their plan they must provide at least 30 days notice.
•  If a client terminates the 12 month program prior to 12 months they are responsible to pay half of the remaining balance for the year.



PLEASE NOTE: Price Increase is coming in September. Any wellness plans started before September will remain at the same price throughout the completion of their contract.

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