Massage is Your Self Care Towards Health Care

Massage can help to fix or prevent multiple problems, such as stress, anxiety, headaches, back pain, neck pain and many more.  Massage helps you to relax and sleep better.

Come to Harmony and get your body and mind refreshed!

We offer a wide range of different massage techniques, including prenatal massage and hot stone massage.

Due to COVID-19 Restrictions we are only scheduling 60 minute massages.

The following services are temporarily suspended: Hot Stone, Cold Stone, Salt Stone and Cupping. Thank you for understanding.

Massage Pricing

Service Standard  Extended 
Healing Therapeutic Massage 60 Min - $75 80 Min -$100
Deep Tissue Massage 60 Min - $90 80 Min - $115
Myofascial Cupping Massage 30 Min - $50 60 Min - $90
CBD Muscle Melt 60 Min - $105 -
Muscle Melt Mini 30 Min - $45 -
Salt and Stone 45 Min - $80 -
Hot Stone Massage 60 Min - $95 80 Min - $120
Aromatherapy Massage 60 Min - $85 80 Min - $105
Rose Package Massage 60 Min - $95 -
Prenatal Massage 60 Min - $85 80 Min - $105
Foot Rehab 30 Min - $40 -

We offer therapeutic massage that integrates the techniques of Swedish, deep tissue, trigger point, medical massage and more.

At Harmony, we pride ourselves on giving superior service. We don’t cut corners especially with your time, so expect to get your full treatment from beginning to end.

Healing Therapeutic Massage

Our signature healing massage offers a range of techniques that help relieve chronic pain, tension, sleep disorders and stress related issues.  This treatment usually includes the entire body but can be customized based on your need. If this is your first professional massage we recommend starting with this treatment.

Buy a package and save!
Buy 3 x 1 Hour massages for $195


Deep Tissue Massage

Chronic pain, recent injury or everyday abuse of your muscles are greatly benefited by this SLOW, layer by layer stripping of the muscles.  We work through specific troublesome muscles and the opposing musculature to reset your body’s natural harmony.

This treatment is limited to specific areas of the body. Deep tissue is not to be confused with a firm massage. Deep tissue is an intentionally focused treatment for specific issues whereas a firm massage is just related to pressure.


Myofascial Cupping

This powerful massage technique helps to alleviate multiple health issues. The reverse pressure (suction) helps to break up adhesions and knots that have been stagnant in the muscle.

This dynamic modality utilizes silicon cups to separate the layers of muscle tissue and fascia with gliding strokes and stationary techniques. Cupping is an excellent choice for individuals who struggle with chronic tension despite having tried other modalities. This is your next level towards healing.

 Cupping can be beneficial for anyone dealing with any muscular issues from acute to chronic. The pressure of the cups can range from light to firm and is easily adjustable for each individual.

Buy a package and save!
Buy 4 massages for $320


CBD Muscle Melt Massage

A deeply healing massage incorporating CBD Cream on targeted areas, followed by a heated herbal pillow. The combination of heat and CBD creates effective results to help eliminate pain and tension. Hot stones are applied to the feet for a full body experience that will truly relax you.

Buy a package and save! $89 each for a 2 pack

CBD Melt Mini

For those on the go this half hour massage including CBD and hot stones will help to restore and relax any problem areas.


Salt and Stone Massage

This relaxing 45 minute massage incorporates neck back and shoulders, cold stones on the face to relieve sinus pressure and ease headaches and hot Himalayan salt stones on the legs to exfoliate and increase circulation. Your body will feel refreshed and renewed after this treatment.

Hot Stone Massage

Our hot stone treatment is not only deeply relaxing but also deeply healing. Smooth flat stones are heated to a comfortably hot temperature and used to massage your whole body. The heat from the stones helps open blood vessels and creates an overall sedative effect. Deep heat melts and warms tight muscles more quickly than a traditional massage.

For your safety and comfort we keep the stones moving throughout your treatment and never leave stones sitting directly on your skin for any length of time. The treatment combines the use of stones with regular Swedish massage to create a balanced massage that suits your needs.

Hot stone can be especially beneficial for fibromyalgia, arthritis, muscle spasms, rotator cuff injuries or other conditions where a very firm pressure may be uncomfortable but substantial work is needed.

Please avoid hot stone therapy if you have uncontrolled high blood pressure, have diabetes or are pregnant.


Aromatherapy Massage

The use of essential oils are known to effect the body in powerful ways through inhalation, relaxing bathes and invigorating massages. Each oil has specific therapeutic benefits based on the plant it is derived from.

Allow yourself to drop into the deepest state of relaxation with this soothing massage using essential oils handpicked for your healing benefit.  Warm scented towels are applied to your feet and essential oils are used throughout the whole treatment.

Anxiety, muscle aches, skin issues, respiratory and digestive function are just a few examples which can benefit from essential oils.

Buy a package and save! 3 for $210


Rose Package Massage

This rejuvenating full body massage is paired with our cold stone facial massage and our invigorating champagne and rose foot scrub. A perfect combination of healing and relaxation.


Prenatal Massage

If you’re a mom to be who is past your first trimester of pregnancy we would be happy to provide a relaxing massage for you.

Relax and rest from the huge changes going on in your body.

A happy mommy equals a happy baby!

Harmony strongly suggests getting a doctor’s note to receive a prenatal massage however if the client chooses not to she will sign a form waiver stating she was informed of this precaution.


Foot Rehab

The ultimate treat for your feet! Indulge in 30 minutes starting with hot towels to get circulation going, followed by massage and reflexology points to flush out toxins then ending with the ultimate sedative hot stone massage to boost immunity and increase circulation.

Happy feet are healthy feet!



Additions to Your Massage

These treatments can enhance your massage but do not add any additional massage time.

Seasonal Foot Scrub $10

Himalayan Salt Stones $10

Scalp Massage $10

CBD Body Candle $10

Hot Stone Foot Massage $10

These treatments can enhance your massage and extend your massage time

Cold Stone Face Massage $15 - 15 minutes

Warm Foot Soak $15 - 10 minutes

Himalayan Salt Stone Foot Block Detox $10 - 10 minutes

What can massage do for your health?

 Decrease Stress

Stress causes your hormones to go into overdrive and keeps your body in a permanent state of Fight or Flight.

 Sleep Better

Massage engages your parasympathetic nervous system which helps your body relax & aids in restful sleep.

 Increase Wellness

Better circulation means more oxygen & nutrients get delivered throughout your body so your body functions better.

 Reduce Pain

Therapeutic touch interrupts pain signals from your brain.

 Restore Range of Motion

Massage helps to release muscle tension & spasms.

 Strengthen Immune System

Relaxation helps your body heal itself.

 Feed Your Brain

Decreased stress allows blood to flow to your brain & other organs.

 Aid Digestion

When the body is stressed, blood is diverted to essential survival organs like the eyes & limbs and away from organs like the stomach & intestines.

 Improve Circulation & Heart Health

Swedish massage is designed to move blood towards the heart which helps regulate the cardiovascular system.

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