Massage is Your Self Care Towards Health Care

Massage can help to fix or prevent multiple problems, such as stress, anxiety, headaches, back pain, neck pain and many more.  Massage helps you to relax and sleep better.

Come to Harmony and get your body and mind refreshed!

We offer a wide range of different massage techniques, including prenatal massage and hot stone massage.

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Flat Rate Therapeutic Massage

Includes ALL modalities 

$150 for 70 minutes

We no longer accept gratuity

Please arrive 5 minutes early to ensure your massage starts on time

We offer therapeutic massage that integrates the techniques of Swedish, deep tissue, trigger point, medical massage and more.

At Harmony, we pride ourselves on giving superior service. We don’t cut corners especially with your time, so expect to get your full treatment from beginning to end.



What can massage do for your health?

 Decrease Stress

Stress causes your hormones to go into overdrive and keeps your body in a permanent state of Fight or Flight.

 Sleep Better

Massage engages your parasympathetic nervous system which helps your body relax & aids in restful sleep.

 Increase Wellness

Better circulation means more oxygen & nutrients get delivered throughout your body so your body functions better.

 Reduce Pain

Therapeutic touch interrupts pain signals from your brain.

 Restore Range of Motion

Massage helps to release muscle tension & spasms.

 Strengthen Immune System

Relaxation helps your body heal itself.

 Feed Your Brain

Decreased stress allows blood to flow to your brain & other organs.

 Aid Digestion

When the body is stressed, blood is diverted to essential survival organs like the eyes & limbs and away from organs like the stomach & intestines.

 Improve Circulation & Heart Health

Swedish massage is designed to move blood towards the heart which helps regulate the cardiovascular system.

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