EVERY body is beautiful, but a little self-care helps you FEEL beautiful!

Cryoskin is a revolutionary machine from Europe which uses heat and cold to destroy fat cells permanently.

How Does it Work? 

The Slimming session lasts for 28 minutes and is done manually through a massage technique. The session begins with heat and then a decrease in temperature to approximately -8° for the duration of the session.

Fat cells are more sensitive to changes in temperature than other cells in your body so, when you cool them, the water in them expands, breaking the cell. These cells then pass out of the lymphatic system. Best results occur in 5 sessions but loss of .5 to 1.5 inches can occur in one session. 

The toning session utilizes the same subzero temperatures to tighten, smooth and shape areas lacking elasticity by increasing micro-circulation and collagen production.

Toning can be applied to the face in our special Cryofacial session to smooth lines and wrinkles.


If you are interested in learning more we will do a screening over the phone and then book you a consultation in order to make sure you are an ideal candidate for Cryoskin and can be safely treated.  Almost any area can be toned, while some areas can be slimmed depending on the body fat composition present at the treatment site.

The technology is applied using a massage technique which is painless and non invasive.

No suction, No surgery.

Just incredible results in 30 minutes!

What people say about CRYOSKIN

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Service 30 Min Session 5 Session Pack 10 Session Pack
Pre-Session Consultation $20 (applicable towards service) - -
CryoSlimming $350 $1550 $2900
CryoToning $350 $1550 $2900
CryoFacial $250 $1050 $1800


Note: no session can be booked without a consultation.

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