Onyx and Carnelian Diffuser Bracelet - M/L at Harmony Healing Room

Onyx and Carnelian Diffuser Bracelet - M/L


The deep rich Orange tone of Carnelian makes a beautiful contrast to the pure black Onyx in this bracelet. Two black lava stones are centered in the middle of the bracelet.


How to use: Add several drops of essential oil to the porous Black lava stone for a beautiful and portable diffuser. Scents can last several days to weeks. All bracelets are made with Stretchy material that has some give for taking it on and off.  Rolling the bracelet onto the wrist will help preserve the stretch cord and keep it from being overstretched too quickly.


Bracelet should fit a medium to large wrist  about 8.5 inches.The average Medium sized bracelet is approximately 8 inches. 

Each bracelet is unique and currently we only have 1 of each in stock, however different sizes or quantities can be made on request.

Quality: We primarily source our materials through US- based stores and small businesses. We choose almost exclusively un-dyed gemstones and natural materials as much as possible and will notate in the listing if a stone has been dyed on altered to the best of our knowledge.

Shipping: We batch ship 1-2 times per week depending on sales volume. If you need your items in a hurry please send us a message at info@harmonymassageli.com

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