Because Now is NOT the Time to be Silent

Written by Emily Rose

We know you don't all follow us on Social Media, so you may have missed our post, but we feel this is important for everyone to read and understand:

We don’t like to talk politics with our clients. It can be uncomfortable sometimes, and our job is to provide a safe space and healing to everyone regardless if we agree with their beliefs or not.

But what’s going on right now is not about politics. It’s about hate, and hate is something we can never condone. All people have the right to be free and safe in this country, and historically that has not been the case for black people. This does not mean we don’t support the valiant actions of thousands of law enforcement officers across this country every day, only that we feel they should be held accountable like any other group of people.

We’re not here to argue politics with you, just to say that part of our job is to give love unconditionally, and it is saddening and disheartening to see these open wounds on our country. As a mixed race business it is important to us to understand each other, uplift each other and look out for each other and our clients. We always want to be a place of inclusivity, whether it is race, sexuality, or gender. We should be talking about love, not fear.

It has been a rough year so far, first with Corona Virus separating and isolating people and causing deaths as well as unrest and uncertainty. Now some of that unrest is boiling out and even overthrowing the actual peaceful protests for Black Lives Matter. There is a lot of anger right now. We humbly ask you all to take a breath, think before you react and to stand up for those whose voices need to be amplified.

If you’re not a person of color, it’s time to listen with an open heart.  If that is something you cannot do then we may not be the place for you. We are committed to holding a space for all people to be loved and heard.
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