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We are the Harmony Massage team Desiree Price and Emily Lehecka. Both of us started our careers as massage therapists working in a chain spa environment. While we were grateful for the opportunity, we both had a desire to offer a massage experience to our clients that felt more personal and complete, one that we could pour all our energy into. We also believe that what you put out into the world you’ll get back and in that

spirit we formed Harmony Healing Room. In a busy world where stress is at an all-time high we offer a much needed place which helps you get back to the center of what’s really important: your well-being. At Harmony our goal is to present you an experience that is not just relaxing but also nurturing. We offer a holistic healing approach that guides you from the state of constant stress into a state of harmony.

Have you ever felt like your brain is in constant overdrive and you don’t know how to shut it off? That’s because your sympathetic nervous system (“Fight or Flight” response) is governing your actions. Fight or flight is the physiological reaction that occurs in response to heightened stress. Unfortunately these responses leave us totally depleted keeping us from functioning

to our full capacity. Through a healing touch we hope to help you discover how harmony can be essential in your daily life. At Harmony we give you a chance to turn off from technology and chaos and let go for the sake of your health. We truly believe that finding your center of stillness will completely change the way you experience the world.  We want to remind you that of

everything in your life, you are the most important part and you truly cannot afford not to have time for self-care. We have both seen first-hand how stress and disease can disrupt daily life so we offer you the chance to change that.We invite you to come to a place where balance and harmony are essential for healing and overall optimal health.

Let us help you create room for your health

Meet Our Therapists

Emily Lehecka, LMT

I started my training as a massage therapist because I didn’t want to be just a component in a larger organization that helped people; I wanted to be able to see change happening. The more I learned about massage the more I felt drawn towards helping people relieve pain and anxiety from their lives. I was suffering from frequent migraines and headaches, particularly when stress was high in my life. I was frustrated that there were no good solutions to my problems only medications to “fix” the symptoms. When I asked my neurologist about recommending a massage therapist I was told they didn’t do that.

My experience has made me passionate about offering an alternative to those who are not satisfied with medicating symptoms but are looking for a more holistic approach. I promise to do everything I can to listen to your concerns and help if I can. My massage style integrates Swedish massage, deep tissue, trigger point and reflexology with principles of kinesthetic awareness and connective tissue therapy.

I studied at the Finger Lakes School of Massage in Ithaca NY and was licensed by the State of New York in 2014. I also hold a certification in hydrotherapy from FLSM and a B.A in Philosophy from Muhlenberg College. I believe massage can be deeply healing and transformative and I love to help clients become proactive about their wellness.

Desiree Price, LMT

In 2004 I was diagnosed with breast cancer and  it was that moment my whole life changed. I became very active  in taking responsibility for my health, and from that point my eyes were open to benefits of massage therapy. After surviving this disease I began my courses at New York College of Health Professions in Syosset, NY where I earned my degree as a Licensed Massage Therapist.

Through my studies I’ve learned to have a great awareness and deep respect for the human body and its ability to heal. I’m very compassionate in helping others get back to a state of well being. A nurturing touch and a relaxed professional presence allows me the ability to work with a variety clients aiding them in their healing process.

I pride myself  in the ability to listen to others tailoring  massages towards the individual needs of each client by using different modalities to get the best results.Those modalities can include Swedish, therapeutic, trigger point and deep tissue. My goal is to bring a feeling of rejuvenation, revitalization and a sense of harmony back in each massage.

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