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What can massage do
for your health?

  • Decrease Stress

    Stress causes your hormones to go into overdrive and keeps your body in a permanent state of Fight or Flight.

  • Sleep Better

    Massage engages your parasympathetic nervous system which helps your body relax & aids in restful sleep.

  • Increase Wellness

    Better circulation means more oxygen & nutrients get delivered throughout your body so your body functions better.

  • Reduce Pain

    Therapeutic touch interrupts pain signals from your brain.

  • Restore Range of Motion

    Massage helps to release muscle tension & spasms.

  • Strengthen Immune System

    Relaxation helps your body heal itself.

  • Feed Your Brain

    Decreased stress allows blood to flow to your brain & other organs.

  • Aid Digestion

    When the body is stressed, blood is diverted to essential survival organs like the eyes & limbs and away from organs like the stomach & intestines.

  • Improve Circulation & Heart Health

    Swedish massage is designed to move blood towards the heart which helps regulate the cardiovascular system.

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